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  • Professional Gymnasium 

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training & Small Groups

  • Weight Management & Sports Nutrition

  • Personal Nutrition Plan with Calorie & Macro Breakdown

  • Full Periodisation Programs

  • Competitively Priced

  • Unlimited Online Support

Please contact us for a fully confidential chat

Rare Beasts Gym prides itself on a friendly, family atmosphere.

We strive to maintain a positive energy and space in which to better ourselves physically and mentally.

Everyone is welcome as long as they have good intention also.

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Our sole aim is to get you where you want to be using a SMART system.


We will ascertain exactly what you want to achieve and use that as our goal.

We will create training programs and nutritional schedules tailored to you personally. 

We will track your progress with weights and measures.

We will continue until the job is done.

If you want it, you will find a way.

If you don't want it, you'll find an excuse.


1hr PT Sessions..........1-2-1 in Private Gym

Weights​ - Cardio - Strength & Conditioning

30 min Fat Burning Sessions...1-2-1 or Small Group

High Intensity Interval Training - Cross Fit


1hr Combative Training........1-2-1 or Small Group

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Thai Boxing - General Self Defence


Full Nutritional Plans

Weight Management - Sports Nutrition - Full Macro Breakdowns


Weigh Ins - Measurements


Make a Change

Why not try something different.

In an effort to make getting in shape easier and more enjoyable we have tried and had success with small group Personal Training and/or Self Defence type training.

Why not learn something useful with your friend or spouse that will have the fringe benefit of making you fitter, stronger and more confident.

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.


Small Groups

Why not spread the cost of training with one or two friends.

Pay a split rate so you can divide the cost of your training with some friends.

This means 1/2 price each for two or 1/3 price each for three people.

Life is what we make it. Get healthy together.

We all have the same time

We understand how hectic life is and how little time we have to fit everything in. 


What could be better than working out with a friend. Catch up whilst having fun and getting healthier together. 



Right now someone just as busy as you is making the time to train

Couples Sessions

Why not train with a partner or spouse?

Learn something new together that will have a long lasting positive effect on your quality of life.

With so much going on in life why not train together. Save time and money and move forward together to a more healthy life.


Couples offer works out 50% cheaper per person than regular prices.

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