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Easy Meal Prep

You Need:

1Kg of mince

1 x Black Beans

1 x Kidney Beans

1 x Chickpeas

1 x Sauce

I've kept this vague as it will be adapted for each meal prep.

This time I am prepping Steak Mince but sometimes am prepping Chicken Mince. 

The sauce can be Pasata or Curry etc.


1.   Start to brown your mince.



2. Empty the Beans into a colander and rinse well.

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3. Wait till mince is thoroughly cooked.




4. When mince is thoroughly cooked stir in the beans and sauce.



5. Divide equally into tubs by eye. As I've prepared five meals I know I have 200g Beef in each and the protein, fibre & many nutritional benefits of the beans.

Macro Breakdown for each meal

Cals - 457.6

Protein - 53.4g

Carbs - 28.4g

Fats - 11.4g

These figure will obviously change depending how many servings you make. This is calculated from your Protein requirements per meal.

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